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Ju Holck (b. 1984, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a visual artist and photographer based in Maine, United States. She holds a degree in Social Communication (ESPM, Rio de Janeiro) and an Associate Degree in Fashion Business (The New School, New York).

The predominant option for monochromatic compositions reduces the photographic operation to the essentials – light and shadow. Perhaps because she is a Brazilian artist on temperate soil, Holck translates the gray atmosphere of Maine into color. What could be an obvious resource gains strength in the way the artist articulates the elements she uses for the composition.

The artist's images suggest that not even the fixed is static and that photography captures a fragment of the past while being modulated by time and renewed meanings. The landscape is not something given by the world but imagined and created to open countless possibilities.


ArtRio 2022 and 2023 (Leilão MoveRio)

Om.Art  2022 (Inter-locuções, Alfabetismo Visual)



1st Place winner 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (2022)


1st Place winner of the Best Story Telling Award (2021 and 2022) at the Visual Alfabetismo (Brazil)


Honorable Mention (2021)


Finalist of Art Photography Award LensCulture (2022)


Finalist of Critical Mass PhotoLucida (2022)


Finalist at Parati em Foco (2022)


Member at AlfaAgency


Portfolio Vogue


The Guardian (News)

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